How to Market Your Business Without Overwhelm or Wasted Dollars

Strategies to Fuel Your Business Growth

By Selle Evans

Certified Marketing and Sales Coach, Mother of two little superheroes and wife of the most #unbothered man in America.

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Hey Sis, Let's Get Started With Marketing

Most of us didn't suddenly become marketing gurus the moment we went in to business, but marketing is essential to your business growth.


A lot of the times, we go in to business because we're good at something. I mean genuinely good. So good in fact that we know we can make money with a specific product or service. But some magical transition doesn't happen. We don't suddenly become marketing gurus who have all the answers on how to market and grow your business. Most women set out to just "figure it out." In the process a lot of time and money is lost.

I'm going to walk you through the process of establishing and executing a marketing plan that's going to work for your business. Without all the wasted time, money or resources. Stick with me, sis. We're going to do this together.

Where Should I Start with My Marketing?

The truth is, you have to start with WHY. Start with what is pushing you to start your business. Because you have to get in that mode of passion when you're planning for growth. Your way is going to answer some questions for you along the way as well. If your WHY is not the very foundation of every decision you make, you'll get lost along the way.

What I mean by WHY isn't necessarily your standard answer of your kids or your family. Of course, you want to build something for them. Take care of them and leave them something, a legacy. What I mean by your WHY is what brings you passion to do what you're doing. You don't want to just pick a random product and try to sell it for money. Because unless the product is so revolutionary that it just sells itself, you're not going to be able to do the necessary work to reach a specific audience to show them your passion and ultimately make sales.

That brings me to my next point. Once you've established your why and you're in a mode of passion. It's time to think about WHO you want to serve. We are going to walk through building a visual representation of your ideal client, we call this a client avatar.

Creating an avatar allows you to visualize your client, which will allow you to better understand the client’s goals, current obstacles, and help you develop strategies to overcome those obstacles.

Viewing a client as a living, breathing person, with feelings and emotions, can be useful in understanding their preferences and simplifying otherwise complex processes.

How To Create Your Customer Avatar

Now that you understand why finding who she or he is that you’re going to help. It’s time to solidify your client avatar so you can dig deeper into how to reach more people like them. We’re going to walk through those steps. 

Step 1: Name Your Avatar

It might seem silly to name a person that you feel like you’re making up out of thin air. But this is actually important. You’re essentially humanizing this avatar. This is a living breathing embodiment of the very person whose life you’re going to change for the better. We also suggest getting a picture off google and assigning it to your avatar. It helps to visualize who you’re looking to help. 


Step 2: Identify Demographics 

 Specific marketing tactics will be most effective when they are personalized to the individual looking at a campaign. Like many other companies, your business needs to know what type of people they are looking for. These individuals want to feel unique, and they want the products you are offering to be something special.

Imagine this – you have two kids. And the remote controls in your house keep springing legs and walking away. In fact, perhaps you spent the better part of your day looking for said remotes and expressing your frustration that they could possibly be lost so many times in one day. Ok, I’m about to get off track because I’m still mad. Anyway, imagine you get online and you suddenly see an ad that proposes a solution to the very issue that has you completely frustrated. You’re immediately going to click the ad. You’re already more likely to buy. I mean where is my credit card. Take my money. That’s how you want your client avatar to feel. 

With this in mind, you can develop a marketing campaign that is sure to make your company stand out from the competition. You could essentially be selling the exact same thing as someone else, but your message will resonate much better with your avatar. Based on the insights you have gathered from your research, you can identify the features of your client personality that are most relevant to their buying behavior. You can then use these features to drive home exactly why your product or service is the right one for them.

Step 3: Identify Dreams And Goals of Your Client Avatar


Why did we have you give the avatar a face and a name? The representation helps you to understand one really important aspect of marketing. The people you’re trying to reach are actual human beings who will interact with your brand every day. They have needs and feelings, just like you and your customers do.

Like your customer base, your client avatar is diverse. You might serve many industries, serving many people. But there are standards you can employ to ensure that everyone is playing the same game. The more you understand about your client avatar, the more you can be sure that they’ll enjoy the experience you’re offering them.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to find out what your client wants and needs, and then provide it to them in a way that they will remember. There are many approaches to creating a marketing campaign, but it should solely be based on the data you find when you research your avatar.

Remember that, ultimately, understanding your potential customers helps you to form a much deeper bond with them. It gets them through the journey of awareness to conversion much faster. It ensures that more of your customers stay with you. 

Loyalty is one of the most treasured possessions in business. The customers who stick with a brand year after year are the ones you want to stay on your best side. They are your best referral source and your most effective advocates. Nurturing them means paying attention to their pain points, their needs and their desires. 


Step 4: Identify Challenges

Your client avatar is the foundation of your brand messaging, and it’s a fiercely protected business asset. When done right, your client avatar can convey a company’s values, brand personality, and public face.

For instance, my entire mission in starting my business started when I thought I had reached the highest point in my career. I made it to “the table”. I was awarded in Inc 5000 for being one of the fastest growing companies in America. In that moment I realized two things. One, there weren’t any other women who looked like me there, at all. Two, I was completely miserable, overworked and underappreciated. So I set out to change those two things. And to date, we have helped hundreds of minority women to establish scalable businesses. It’s an amazing feeling. One I am so very passionate about. That’s what I want you to feel. 

Step 5: How Can You Help?

This is a really important question. You not only need to understand how your product or service helps your client avatar – you need to help them understand it as well. That’s why your marketing should be personal and relatable. 

Your client avatar is the human being on the other side of your website. She’s the one who buys your product or uses your service. She’s the entire reason you started your business.

So, how do you create a marketing campaign that is personalized for your client avatar?

Everything you do as a brand should be geared toward supporting your client avatar. From the language you use to talk to them to the way you interact with them on social media, you should strive to create an experience that makes them feel unique and cared for.

Because they are.

Your client avatar is the central figure around which your entire brand will grow. This includes your website, social media accounts, emails, and all your communications. 

Since at this point you would understand your mission (your why), your avatar (your who), you’re offering (your what) and how to reach them (your how) – you’re going to be much more prepared. Not just for what types of campaigns to create, but also, how to close deals.

You will now essentially understand something that many people never take the time to learn – how to communicate directly with whom you’re trying to reach. 

For more information and a free workbook on creating a client avatar, take our free course below. 

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