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Our Founders and Governing Committees are the lifeline of this organization and we thing they're pretty great

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Saving money – is something we would all like to do. Whether you are struggling to manage day to day or earning a six figure salary, saving is something we all think about.


Connect with like-minded women. Share your expertise and learn from others. Here, you’ll find wonderful ladies who are invested in one another’s success.


A community of women learning through each other and from leading experts. Sign up for a workshop, watch a webinar, or attend the next event. Find the support you need to make decisions, take action, and continue to grow your business.


Surround yourself with women that are going places and do big things! Get advice from other industry leaders with experience in different fields.


Get a certification to display on your website and LinkedIn profile to attest to being an active member of an elite organization that offers continued education.


Access to free resources and discounts to in include Masterly Website Builder ,and Marketing Services


We support each other in our communities with forums, Q&A, mentor matching, etc.

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Meet our Founding Team

Behind every great organization are the leaders who laid the framework. Here's a list of our very first founding members who meet regularly and contribute tirelessly to our success

Founding Director
Program Director
Gabriel Soares
Kwak Seong-Min
Project Manager
Ava Gregoraci

Selle Evans

Founding Director & CEO

Certified marketing and business coach, Selle has been acknowledged as one of the Top CEO’s in Houston. She’s also been published in Inc. and Fortune Magazines for running one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. Her passion is growing companies. She’s been coined “Wonder Woman” by her oldest son and therefore, it must be true. She’s also the type of mom that makes pancakes into cool shapes, and we love her for it.

Kenya Riley Love

Program Director

AirBnB Owner, Serial Entrepenuer, Blogger and Non-profit founder. Kenya has limitless knowledge and kindness. Her drive to share her knowledge has coined her a blogger. Her mastery of business has made her a successful real estate investor and AirBnB owner.

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